Testimonial 1600 425 about grand aston yogyakarta chinoseries suite
Testimonial Evan Ericssen
So great to stay in this hotel. The room is modern, clean, tidy, and air conditioned well. Their bathroom also clean (also for its water), water heater available, and transparent. Their rooms are actually capsule and cool. Thumbs up for rooms and accomodations.
One thing I kinda sad is their breakfast. They give me a nugget, two sausages, and a piece of watermelon. They also had toast bread. I think they missed the rice. I hope they improve it in the future.
- Evan Ericssen
Testimonial Adi Santosa Budiman
Recommended especially for single travellers. There are semi sound proof capsules to hire. Very nice, clean and comfortable. Cost to stay is not expensive. Only approx. 150 k per night. If you want more privacy, you can hire private capsule in private room.
- Adi Santosa Budiman

Testimonial Jackson Feldt
Stayed at other capsule hotels and this is one of the better ones. Customer service is good and the capsule is roomy enough. No problems at all.
- Jackson Feldt